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Login or sign up... and for a flat rate starting at $20 CAD you can ship a small parcel between Canadian cities using our ever expanding collective of drivers...

We get it there fast... Usually same day or overnight! with GREAT rates... Check out our rates!


... even on long weekends!

How delivering for us works

You're going on a trip anyway... so why not take a package with you? We call it share shipping...


For example... You are driving from Calgary to Edmonton.  Take a package for someone and drop it off... better yet... take several! You can even take packages both directions!  


Each package you drive and deliver pays you for your effort!

No Line Ups
Even at Christmas!!!
We Pick Up AND Deliver
At No Extra Charge!!!

Who are our drivers?

Our drivers are regular people just like you who just happen to be driving cross-country to the city you need your package delivered to. 


They maybe going to visit friends for the weekend, driving to a midweek business trip, they may be university students going home for the holidays, or retired and going to visit their grandchildren...


But whoever they are and whatever their reason for going... they are going to help you out!

Dependable Reliable and Safe



We are built on trust!


Our drivers have to go through a screening process and background security check so you can feel confident that your package will get to where it's supposed to go.

Have a look at our 200% Guarantee!!!